Buy Oyster Shell – Natural Calcium Supplement for Gardening and Farming (per Ton)


Oyster Shell is a natural calcium-rich supplement derived from oyster shells, ideal for gardening, farming, poultry feed, and aquaculture systems.

 OYSTER SHELL is natural source of Calcium and is wildly use in animal feed to strengthen the bones of fowls and birds, and it also:
  • Helps to maintain strong bones and aids in the prevention of bone loss.
  • Contains Vitamin D-3 to assist the body in absorbing Calcium.
  • Helps to maintain a regular heartbeat.
  • Helps to maintain healthy blood pressure levels.

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Oyster Shell is a natural, calcium-rich supplement derived from the shells of oysters. It is commonly used in gardening and farming to improve soil health, enhance plant growth, and provide essential nutrients to plants. Oyster Shell contains high levels of calcium carbonate, which helps maintain proper pH levels in acidic soils and promotes strong root development. This versatile product can also be used for poultry feed, as a calcium supplement for livestock, or as a supplement for aquaculture systems. Oyster Shell is an eco-friendly and sustainable solution for improving soil fertility and promoting healthier plant growth.